About Marc S. Freedman CFP®

As the founder of MSF Productions, Marc Freedman has made it his mission to help communicate financial insights and strategies to financial advisors; the public and executive teams through education and creative messaging.

What makes Marc uniquely qualified in fulfilling this mission is that he has both the financial background and the media savvy necessary to create impactful messaging that matters through a variety of mediums.

Marc S. Freedman CFP® is the President of Freedman Financial, Inc., an internationally recognized financial planning firm dedicated to serving individuals and families who reside or have roots in the North Shore community of Massachusetts. As a second generation financial planner, Marc has more than two decades of experience in the financial planning industry and has received national recognition and accolades.

As an Up with People Alumni D’86, he was part of the cast that performed at SuperBowl XX’s halftime show. Since travelling, Marc has remained an outspoken advocate for Up with People. Voted Cast Motivator, Most Energetic and Best Metro Manager during his year on the road by cast members, Marc will bring a unique ‘real world’ perspective.

A graduate of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and Babson College, Marc is married to Laura and has five children. He is an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Wonderful World of Disney and it is his life-long dream to dress as a Disney Character in the Magic Kingdom for just one day – after that, happily retire as a guest relations cast member. (And who wouldn’t want to retire to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’?)

Marc Freedman


Marc is the author of the industry best-seller, ‘Oversold and Underserved – A Financial Planner’s Guide to Serving the Mass Affluent’. Freedman’s book has been recognized by the industry as a blueprint for building a better relationship between financial planners and their clients.

Oversold and Underserved explores the challenges the mass affluent market faces in their search for financial planning advice and offers practical tools to help planners position themselves as champions in the lives of this enormous market segment. In it, planners will find stories that will enhance their services and strengthen the relationships they’ve built with this clientele. From how to most effectively set up your office and staff to how to tap the wisdom your clients can offer, Maec shares a formula to determine whether your clients’ needs are being met, a philosophy about how to write a meaningful financial plan, and an innovative and energetic approach to marketing that you’re unlikely to find in other titles.

Marc’s newest book  ‘Retiring for the GENIUS’ , A Blueprint for Planning a Comfortable Retirement is designed to help Mass Affluent Retirees on how to prepare and live in retirement without worry.

Today, millions of people lack the basic confidence to make rational, informed personal financial decisions.  Their emotions create a haze of indecision contributed by social circles, twitter feeds, and media talking heads.  ‘Retirement Planning for the Genius’ will deliver a refreshing and honest perspective.  Marc explains that financial decisions don’t always require assistance from a professional, a parent, a co-worker or a financial news network.  Instead, this resource guide will teach them that retirement choices can be made independently and with confidence.

Learn more about ‘Retiring for the GENIUS’ here.

Radio Host

Marc hosts a weekly radio show “Dollars & Sense”, Sundays from 8:00-9:00 am on North Shore 104.9FM and he has appeared as a financial planning expert on the CBS Early Show.

Each show features four segments: The Smart Money Tip of the Week, “Pay No Attention to the “Man Behind The Curtain Segment” (answers to financial myths), Financial Advice that Impacts People Like You and Marc’s Mail Bag – answers to listener questions. Ways to listen to the show:


Marc’s high energy, story-telling skills has made him a highly-sought after speaker to both the financial planning community and the consumer public at large.   He lectures both internationally and domestically on trends in the financial planning profession and practice management issues. 

Freedman has been quoted in national media outlets, including L.A Times, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Business Week, USA Today, The Journal for Financial Planning, Financial Planning Magazine, Investment Advisor Magazine, Boston Globe and Boston Herald.  Marc has addressed international audiences in Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Austria and the Netherlands.