Retiring for the Genius

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Today, millions of people lack the basic confidence to make rational, informed personal financial decisions. Their emotions create a haze of indecision contributed by social circles, twitter feeds, and media talking heads. ‘Retiring for the GENIUS’ will deliver a refreshing and honest perspective. Marc same day loans explains that financial decisions don’t always require assistance from a professional, a parent, a co-worker or a financial news network. Instead, this resource guide will teach them that retirement choices can be made independently and with confidence.

Thomas Edison famously said that “genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” reading the FOR THE GENIUS book shows that you have the inspiration to retire with confidence. Marc guides you through the perspiration part by helping you define your goals, get your financial house in order, analyze your investments, and learn how to successfully and intelligently spend money in retirement.

You deserve authentic advice for your personal retirement needs (not advice that serves the masses). With more than ten thousand people turning sixty-five years old every day for the next ten years, there is an abnormal collection of atv accessories salespeople, marketers, and television personalities with marketable systems designed to help you achieve success. Most don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They see an opportunity to make money, and they prey on your vulnerability and lack of confidence.

This is a “go-to guide.” Prepare to explore your retirement, on your terms. You’re about to gain a better understanding about what you’ve accumulated so that you can decide how to use those resources effectively throughout your retirement years. After all, if you don’t know how every piece in your financial puzzle fits into your life, how can you build confidence about your financial future?

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Here’s a quick overview of “Retiring for the GENIUS”

Part 1—Building the Foundation for a Successful Retirement.

Part 1—Building the Foundation for a Successful Retirement Retirement can feel like you’re walking a tightrope every day. Without a solid handle on your overall personal finances, you could find yourself living without a safety net.

Chapter 1 – What Is Retirement Planning Anyway?
There is both an art and a science to crafting a retirement plan that meets your needs. Allow yourself to begin a journey that explores both the facts and the feelings surrounding your money.

Chapter 2 – Crafting a Successful Retirement Plan.
A retirement plan needs a blueprint. Learn the importance of how discovery, capital protection, and wealth management must intertwine to build an effective retirement plan.

Chapter 3 – Getting Your Financial House in Order.
Do you know where everything is and what it’s worth? If you don’t know, you should. If you want to know, you’ll find answers in this chapter

Chapter 4 – Where Does All the Money Go?
Knowing how you spend money will serve as a key indicator to managing a successful retirement. Learn a simple technique that will help you understand where money goes every month.

Chapter 5 – Are Your Assets Owned Properly?
When’s the last time you did a comprehensive survey on how your assets are owned? This fun exercise will uncover the mysteries and realities of account ownership. Chances are, you’ll find key discoveries that need change right now.

Chapter 6 – Making the Most of Your Retirement Plan.
Most Americans are on their own to manage their retirement—and most of their assets are held in employer-sponsored retirement accounts. You’ll learn how to maximize the benefits and make smarter decisions.

Chapter 7 – Investments for the Genius.
Allowing your money to work for you serves as a key contributor to your retirement success. But investing comes with risks. Do you know how to measure your portfolio’s risk exposure? It’s a lot easier to understand than you think.

Chapter 8 – Investing in Mutual Funds.
Four out of five Americans own mutual funds, yet fewer than 25 percent of them actually understand how they work. You’re about to become a genius in the engineering of a mutual fund and learn why it remains the primary investment choice for retirees.

Chapter 9 – Income-Based Investments Retirees Consider.
These days, you can’t count on certificates of deposit to produce your monthly income. Learn how other income-based investments are becoming an important component of a retirement plan.

Chapter 10 – Preparing to Invest Like a Genius
Investing takes patience and rational behavior. Learn skills that will keep you focused on your goal and not the noise of the markets.

Part 2—This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement: Advice and Instructions for Today’s Retiree.

Part 2—This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement: Advice and Instructions for Today’s Retiree.
On the day you retire, your life changes. Sorry. It just does. No more work. No more people reporting to you. And more than likely, you’ll be reporting to someone else (your spouse).

Chapter 11 – Retiring: Could It Be the Biggest Decision of Your Life?
Imagine living for thirty to forty years without a paycheck. Will you be ready? Will you have enough financial resources to support yourself until age one hundred (or longer)?

Chapter 12 – Retirement: Time to Get Messy.
Getting your financial house in order is critical. First you’ve got to get your hands dirty before clarity is in sight.

Chapter 13 – Social Security: It Impacts Everyone!
When’s the best time to begin taking Social Security? How does Medicare work? So many questions. Let’s find you some answers.

Chapter 14 – Pensions and the Secret Millionaire.
A large number of Americans are still entitled to pensions. Will you understand the options that work best for you when it’s time to retire?

Chapter 15 – Understanding Taxes in Retirement.
Your tax liability will likely change in retirement. Are you ready?

Chapter 16 – Maximizing Your Money in Retirement.
Why do some people pay more taxes than others?

Chapter 17 – Ideas on Drawing Income to Meet Your Spending Needs.
Learn how to choose the smartest place to take money to meet your spending needs in retirement.

Chapter 18 – IRA Distributions: Managing Yours and Those You Inherit.
The IRS will govern your requirements on taking money from IRAs, including inherited IRAs. How will you know how much to take—and from where?

Part 3—The Elephant in the Room: Issues Retirees Can No Longer Ignore.

Part 3—The Elephant in the Room: Issues Retirees Can No Longer Ignore.
Retirement is challenging enough, but the ongoing pressures of managing your health, wealth, and family issues can lead retirees to become very guarded and stubborn about many of the issues that truly need to be addressed.

Chapter 19 – Where Will You Live in Retirement?
Whether you want a second home or just a smaller one where everything’s on one floor, you’ll be faced with decisions. How will you choose what’s best?

Chapter 20 – What Keeps You Up at Night?
You’re not alone. Retirees worry about similar issues that keep them up at night. Is being the matriarch or patriarch a blessing or a curse? Are your adult children still leaning on you for money? What else keeps you up at night?

Chapter 21 – Should Probate Be Feared? Can It Be Avoided?
Do you know which of your assets are subject to probate and which are not? Is a trust the solution to your estate-planning worries?

Chapter 22 – All Good Things Must Come to an End.
Death happens. Will you be prepared if you are the surviving spouse? Who will you lean on? Where will you turn for guidance?

Part 4—Tools, Templates, and Time-Tested Advice.

Retiring for the Genius Part 4
These final chapters serve as a capstone. You deserve to feel confident in yourself and your ability to achieve your retirement goals.

Chapter 23 – Ideas to Ignite Your Retirement Plan.
Quick ideas, practical tools, and progressive advice designed to enable retirees to achieve their goals.

Chapter 24 – Finding an Adviser Who Makes Sense for You.
If it’s time to get serious and hire a financial planner, you need to understand how they work. I’ll pull back the curtain and provide advice and a set of interview questions that will keep any planner you interview on the hot seat.

Chapter 25 – The Most Important Question of All………………………….
Are You Prepared to Handle the Nonfinancial Issues in Retirement?

For the GENIUS Books

Since this is a For the GENIUS book, it is down-to-earth and pragmatic. It is written in an upbeat, conversational style that you’ll instantly connect with. You’ll find the many stories and sidebars sprinkled throughout especially helpful and relevant.

This and all For the GENIUS books are written as comprehensive guides to complex subjects for beginners as well as for those seeking a refresher. You don’t have to be a genius to read one, but you’ll sure be smarter once you do!™

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